female patient drinking water in orthodontist office

Can You Eat with Invisalign: The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating with Invisalign

Are you wondering what foods to eat with Invisalign during your treatment process? One of the great benefits of Invisalign ...
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male patient smiling in an orthodontist office

Everything You Need to Know About How to Be a Candidate for Invisalign

Are you a teenager or adult in Richmond, VA wondering about the criteria for Invisalign treatments? Do you want to ...
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young kid at checking into orthodontist office

How Do Orthodontists Fix Overbites in Children and Adults?

“Can braces fix an overbite?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents with children who have an ...
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two girls holding fake teeth at the orthodontist

Are My Teeth Supposed to Be Loose with Braces?

One of the top questions for orthodontic patients in Richmond, VA is “Do your teeth become loose with braces?” It’s ...
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man waiting in orthodontist office

Is There an Age Limit for Invisalign for Older Adults?

With the popularity of Invisalign growing, many adults in Richmond, VA and other cities around the US are wondering “How ...
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2 year old baby sitting in chair

Your Expert Guide to Overbites in 2-Year-Old Children

Are you a parent in Richmond, VA wondering if your 2-year-old’s overbite is a big issue that needs to be ...
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Dr. Bates talking to patient about grinding teeth and Invisalign

Can Clenching Teeth With Invisalign Improve the Tooth Straightening Process?

A straight smile can be a valuable investment for your oral health and self-confidence. You don’t want to let something ...
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mother taking child to the dentist

What to Do About Your Child’s Tooth Growing Sideways in Their Gum

A sideways tooth doesn’t only have a negative physical appearance; it can also cause long-term issues in your child’s mouth ...
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Bates Ortho Team Photo

The Top 4 Qualities of a Pediatric Orthodontist Practice

Did you know that your child should see an orthodontist as early as age seven? When most people think of ...
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Lady smiling in front of plant

Can You Get Invisalign With Missing Teeth?

Did you know that missing teeth don’t disqualify you from getting straight teeth? Missing teeth and straight teeth aren’t mutually ...
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Girl smiling

“Can Kids Get Invisalign?” And Other Important Invisalign Questions

What age do you have to be to get Invisalign? How old is too old for Invisalign? Can kids get ...
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Woman with very nice teeth smiling

What Kind of Teeth Can Invisalign Fix (and Not Fix)?

Did you know that Invisalign has limitations? Are you aware of the tooth issues Invisalign can and can’t fix? Invisalign ...
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girl sitting in orthodontist chair

The Best Ways to Overcome Gingivitis with Braces

Red, swollen gums are painful, and you shouldn’t ignore them. They can be a gateway to worse problems like periodontitis ...
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Person talking to orthodontist

Should I Go to an Orthodontist or Dentist for Invisalign?

There’s no shortcut to straight, healthy teeth. The key to straighter teeth is time and professional help.  Are you looking ...
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How Much Does Invisalign Cost and Other Common FAQ’s

Upon its debut in the late 1990s, Invisalign quickly became a popular alternative to traditional braces, revolutionizing orthodontic treatment. Although ...
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Invisalign Q&A with Dr. Bates

If you’ve been following along on our social media channels, you might have heard that Dr. Bates recently started his ...
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Lightforce Orthodontics – The Future of Braces Has Arrived

We are always on the lookout to improve our patients’ experience at Bates Orthodontics and are excited to announce that ...
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Do I Need to Wear My Retainer Forever?

First and foremost, congratulations on getting your braces removed! The months or even years in traditional braces or Invisalign has ...
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The Differences Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist

Just about everyone knows what a dentist is, and hopefully made at least a few visits to one. You may ...
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The New Northside Location Is Officially Open!

We’re excited to announce that our new Bates Orthodontics location is officially open and accepting patients! This state-of-the-art facility is ...
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Retainers for Teeth Straightening 101

Millions of people, both adults and children, wear or have worn braces at some point in their lives to obtain ...
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The Pros, Cons, and Cost of Braces

There are over four million people in the world who are wearing braces right now, and 25% of them are ...
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It’s Official, We’re Moving!

Our office is growing, largely due to the referrals of our satisfied patients that have trusted us with their orthodontic ...
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We Believe In Being Transparent

Our ‘we believe’ philosophy was born out of the mindset that patients deserve respect, honesty, thoroughness, and timeliness. We believe ...
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We Believe Your Time is Valuable

We strive for excellent in-office clinical care, but our goal is also to create an experience that is mindful of ...
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