Lightforce Orthodontics – The Future of Braces Has Arrived

We are always on the lookout to improve our patients’ experience at Bates Orthodontics and are excited to announce that we have officially added Lightforce Braces to our services list! This makes us one of the first offices in Richmond to provide this innovative and unique braces experience. 

Gone are the days of generic metal braces. Lightforce Orthodontics offers digital customization with 3D printing technology to create individualized custom-fitted braces for each patient for much better treatment results, often with a shorter treatment time!

The Difference Between Lightforce Orthodontics & Traditional Braces
This new revolutionary technology is lightyears ahead of traditional braces, with enhancements in:

Traditional braces’ brackets are manufactured with a fixed base shape, which means they don’t always fit a patient’s tooth shape. 

With Lightforce Orthodontics, proprietary 3D printing technology is used to design brackets unique to each patient’s teeth profile. Additionally, compared to commercially available brackets, this new 3D printing technology can ensure that brackets have wire slots that are precise and not over or undersized.

In short, this mass customization technology now allows us to develop treatments to perfectly fit each patient to a tee. This dramatically enhances treatment efficiency which is a win in our books.

Comfort Level
Lightforce brackets are designed with materials and features to provide the ultimate patient comfort during treatment. With features like smooth edges, tie wings, and a thin profile, it helps to minimize contact with soft tissues in the gums and lips which could cause unnecessary discomfort.

Treatment Process
Even with the significant level of customization, the treatment process remains fast and efficient for patients – thanks to a simple online interface.

With the real-time, interactive and 3D software, the orthodontist is able to work on, share the details with the patient and send it off for manufacturing with a simple click of the button.

Additionally, the custom-fitted brackets are created within 7 to 10 business days from approval! 

What Does Lightforce Orthodontics Mean for You?
No two patients are the same so Lightforce Orthodontics provides our patients with a tailored orthodontic treatment for your unique needs. This means we can provide our patients with:

  • Quicker Treatment Time – The better fitting brackets will help improve the precision of tooth movement, so that means less time with braces on!
  • Lower Chances of Breaking Your Brackets – The Lightforce proprietary base is designed for more reliable and durable bonding to the tooth, meaning less chance of them coming off like traditional mismatched brackets. This can be a great alternative for busy families as extra trips to the orthodontist’s office will likely not be needed for braces repairs. 
  • Easier to Maintain, inconspicuous braces – The smaller brackets will help in transitioning into your new braces treatment. You will not notice them as much and their smaller size helps you to upkeep your hygiene of brushing and flossing.

 Try out Lightforce Orthodontics with Us Today
We are excited to offer the revolutionary Lightforce Orthodontics treatment to our patients at Bates Orthodontics. If you are interested in a customized and efficient orthodontic treatment for your smile, contact us to learn more!