We Believe Your Time is Valuable

We strive for excellent in-office clinical care, but our goal is also to create an experience that is mindful of our patients outside the office. Patients are people; busy professionals, family members, and friends. 

We believe your time is valuable.

Consultation & Treatment

Ed, a local business owner, initially came into the office for an Invisalign consultation, citing his primary issue as significantly rotated teeth. As with many patients, his teeth were overlapped and rotated which had limited the bone development between the teeth. This created small dark triangles where the edges of the teeth touched the gumline. To resolve this issue, enamel between the teeth was removed to bring them closer together and minimize the dark triangles. 

Timing – Making It Work

Ed is a busy individual, business owner, father, and husband. One great advantage of Invisalign is the ability to deliver enough aligners to go 10-12 weeks between appointments. This frequency typically suits a busy schedule like Ed’s and is also ideal for college students who may not be able to regularly travel to Richmond. 

Patient Satisfaction

Based on his experience, Ed also referred his son Ethan and his daughter Ceclia to receive Invisalign treatment. 

Additionally, the relationships we form with our patients, like Ed, go beyond clinical care. We were delighted that Ed was able to renovate our West End office, for which he received the 2016 Contractor of the Year Award


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