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The traditional method of creating a beautiful smile now has new offerings – clear, gold or silver brackets.

About Braces

Braces (sometimes called brackets) are the tried-and-true appliances of the orthodontist. They can be used from very simple to extremely complex cases and can be made out of traditional metal or ceramic materials (clear braces). Braces are a great choice for any treatment.

Staff and Braces Patient
Patient with Invisalign Model

Why Choose Traditional Orthodontic Braces

Set It and Forget It

You show up for appointments, keep your teeth clean, wear your rubber bands, and avoid certain foods. They’ll do the work.

Staff and Braces Patient

Works For All Cases

Braces can tackle even the most complex cases, including major bite issues.

All Ages

Braces are great for patients of all ages – children and adults alike.

Dr. Bates smiles with a teen patient

The Steps

Step 1: Come in for a Free Consult

Come on in for a free consultation with Dr. Bates to learn more about braces and the different bracket options.

Step 2: Get Scanned

No more goop! We take a scan and pictures of your teeth to create a record of your “before” smile.

Step 3: Braces Go On

Dr. Bates and the team work together to expertly place each bracket and choose the right wires to guide your teeth to the correct location.

Step 4: Come Back for Adjustments

Every 6-8 weeks you will come back to the office to have your wires changed out.

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