The Top 4 Qualities of a Pediatric Orthodontist Practice

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Did you know that your child should see an orthodontist as early as age seven?

When most people think of braces or an orthodontist, they think about pre-teens and teens. Though this is the most likely age for braces, younger children’s orthodontist visits offer valuable insight before they hit the teen years.

Finding a good kids’ orthodontist should be a top priority for any parent with children age seven or older.

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In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of early childhood orthodontic evaluations and some of the top qualities of family orthodontic care. Keep reading to find out where you can get the best orthodontic treatment for children in Richmond, VA.

Why Finding A Kids’ Orthodontist Is Important

A large misconception with orthodontics is that it’s all about creating an attractive smile. A straight, good-looking smile is one of the aims of orthodontic treatment. However, the greater goal is straight teeth for good oral health in adult years. Straight teeth are easier to clean and decrease the long-term risks of gum disease, tooth decay, and other severe oral conditions.

Experts all agree that orthodontic treatment should begin around the age of seven. Orthodontic treatment for children doesn’t mean that they’ll get braces at seven; it merely means that age seven is a good time to get a preliminary check-up.

In most cases, an early pediatric orthodontist visit will not result in any treatment. This early visit helps an orthodontist understand what’s happening in your child’s mouth and predict what may occur in the coming years. It allows an orthodontist to plan for any future orthodontic needs.

There are some situations where an orthodontist may perform an early straightening or alignment procedure:

  • Create space for an incoming adult tooth
  • Guide an adult tooth into place properly
  • Enhance jaw growth

Early orthodontic treatment will be patient-specific, so it’s best to talk with an orthodontist to get an idea of what your child may or may not need.

Ultimately, your kids’ orthodontist should seek to do what’s best for their long-term oral health and provide you with clear advice to make the best decision possible. 

But finding an orthodontist with these motives can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.

4 Qualities of a Pediatric Orthodontist

Now that you’re more familiar with early childhood orthodontic treatment, we’ll share the top four qualities to look for in family orthodontic care.

1. Conservative Orthodontic Approach

A conservative orthodontist is more concerned with the long-term health of your child’s teeth than short-term solutions.

An excellent pediatric orthodontist will take the time to understand the issues and needs of a patient. They’ll do a consultation, get images of your child’s mouth, and review the findings with you. They won’t rush you into treatment but will lay out the facts to help you make an informed decision.

As we mentioned earlier, there are some cases where early treatment may be beneficial. In these situations, a more conservative approach will address these issues. However, if the orthodontist doesn’t think that treatment is necessary, they’ll be willing to wait longer to see how the situation plays out.

With a conservative approach, you can be sure that you’re getting the best care when necessary while being told when care may not be immediately beneficial.

2. Quality of Service

Quality is essential for children’s orthodontic treatment, especially if your orthodontist thinks early treatment is necessary.

When done correctly, orthodontic procedures can provide long-lasting benefits for your children well into their adult years. However, poor quality and treatment can have the opposite result.

Apart from firsthand experience, there’s no one best way to check the quality of care. But here are some things you can do to help in the process of choosing a high-quality orthodontist:

  • Talk with other parents and get their recommendations
  • Read online reviews
  • Attend an orthodontic consultation (especially if the consultation is free)
  • Visit the facility to meet the staff and ask about credentials/certifications

Usually, other’s referrals and reviews can go a long way in testing the quality of care. Attending a consultation is an excellent way to meet the orthodontist in person and gauge who they are and what their methods are like.

Whether you’re looking for quality of service, materials used, or the facility, take your time to research and find a place that provides the quality you desire.

3. Transparent Pricing

When looking for “family orthodontics near me,” it’s hard to ignore the price piece.

Orthodontic treatment is a valuable investment in children’s (and adult’s) overall dental, medical, and psychological well-being. The average cost of orthodontic treatment is $5,700, but pricing may vary among providers.

Some orthodontists will charge an arm and leg for treatment, while others will work with you to make payment work. Find an orthodontist who loves what they do, knows what they do, and is open with you about the financial commitment.

Some offices will offer monthly financing options or help you choose an alternative and more affordable straightening option. A good orthodontist will do what they can (within reason, of course) to make a straighter smile a reality for you and your children.

4. Trustworthy and Relational

Lastly, choose an orthodontist and office that’s trustworthy. As we just mentioned above, you’ll be paying for your treatment. You want to make sure you’re making a good investment, and that starts with an orthodontist who’s open and honest with you.

A trustworthy orthodontist will always consult with you about what’s going on and what needs to occur. They won’t make any decisions without your consent or charge you for any services without your knowledge.

It can also be valuable to look for an office that values building relationships with its clients. 

  • Do the staff remember your name and your children?
  • Are the staff friendly and welcoming?
  • Is the office proactive with reminders about upcoming appointments or payments?
  • Are the primary orthodontist and his/her staff experienced and knowledgeable?

When you’re making a financial investment, don’t settle for something (or someone) you’re not comfortable with. 

The Best Richmond Orthodontics Provider

Early childhood orthodontic evaluations are beneficial for long-term oral health. Most orthodontic experts think that age seven is a good age for an initial assessment. Though treatment may not be necessary until later, getting your child in to see a pediatric orthodontist early can help set your child up for prolonged oral success. 

When choosing your kids’ orthodontist, don’t be hasty. It’s best to find a group that:

  1. Takes a conservative approach 
  2. Uses high-quality materials and does quality work 
  3. Offers flexible payment options
  4. Demonstrates trustworthiness

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