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If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Richmond, Virginia to straighten your teeth discreetly, we’ve got you covered. At Bates Orthodontics, we offer a few types of “clear braces” in Richmond, VA, so you aren’t self-conscious about your smile while getting your teeth straightened. Book a free consultation to learn more about your options.

Invisalign vs. CLear Braces

While they might seem similar or even be confused as the same, there are significant differences between clear braces and Invisalign. Here are the three “clear” treatment options we offer at Bates Orthodontics that are distinct from one another.


Invisalign is commonly referred to as “clear braces,” but they aren’t braces at all. Invisalign uses a series of transparent plastic aligners that fit over your teeth like a mouthguard. Each set of aligners is slightly different from the ones before, shifting teeth into place weekly. Invisalign can be removed, so treatment time greatly depends on compliance.

Ceramic Braces

Unlike Invisalign, braces are bonded to your teeth until treatment ends. Clear braces are made of ceramic, a tooth-colored material that helps them blend in more. They’re less noticeable than metal braces but not as invisible as Invisalign. The downside to ceramic braces is that they aren’t as durable as their metal counterparts, increasing treatment time.


Lightforce braces are custom-made using 3D printing technology that creates “smart brackets.” These brackets perfectly fit the curvature of one’s tooth, allowing for a smaller archwire and shorter treatment time. Lightforce braces are also clear, making them an efficient, inconspicuous teeth straightening option.

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Bates Orthodontics has three convenient locations in Richmond: West End, Northside, and Chesterfield. Whether you’re a parent whose child needs orthodontic treatment or an adult looking for clear braces in Richmond, VA, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bates.


As a family-owned and operated orthodontic practice, we treat you like you’re part of our family.


With an average 5-star rating from over 4,000 people, we’re a trusted orthodontic provider in the Richmond area.


With patients ranging from age 7 to 82, we’ve helped patients just like you achieve their dream smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do clear braces work?

Whether you get metal, ceramic, or Lightforce braces, the process is the same, but the material is different. Clear braces work by using tooth-colored brackets bonded to the center of each tooth with a slot in the middle. A metal wire is threaded through the slot and held in place by translucent rubber bands. Throughout your treatment, the wire will be replaced by a larger one, putting more pressure on your teeth, which helps move them into the desired position.

Do clear braces take longer than metal?

Although they work the same, clear braces take longer than metal braces to straighten your teeth since ceramic is a less durable material than stainless steel. Ceramic braces can straighten teeth in 1-3 years, while metal braces can potentially take less than a year. However, we are finding that our patients who are selecting Lightforce clear braces for their treatment are shaving months off their treatment. Talk to an orthodontist in Richmond, VA, like Dr. Bates, who can help you decide on the best treatment type based on your needs.

Are ceramic braces worth it?

Clear braces in Richmond, VA are an excellent choice for locals who need braces but want a low-key option. At Bates Orthodontics, we don’t charge patients more for Invisalign vs. clear braces. Whether ceramic braces are “worth it” depends on what you value most and what Dr. Bates recommends. If you’re searching for “ceramic braces near me” and live in the Richmond area, schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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