In an effort to maintain the safest environment for the health of our staff and patients we ask you please abide by these guidelines.

Before the appointment:

    • If you have been feverish or had any symptoms of respiratory illness, please call and reschedule your appointment.
    • Please brush and floss at home before coming to your appointment. We have closed our brushing stations while COVID-19 is a concern.
    • Due to restrictions on the number of people allowed in our office at a time, we request that only the patient come into the office for the appointment and family members remain in the vehicle.
    • If an adult needs to accompany the patient to the appointment, we ask that the adult wear a mask the entire time they are in our office.

When you arrive for the appointment:

    • The day before the appointment you will receive a text message asking you to fill out a pre-appointment health screening for the patient and any accompanying adult.
    • Once you arrive at the office, please either respond to the message sent the day before or call the office to let us know you have arrived.
    • We ask that you wait in your vehicle until your chair is available.
    • We will call or text you to notify you that we are ready for your appointment.
    • Temperatures of the patient and any accompanying adult will be taken prior to being seated.
    • A staff member will escort each of our patients to the clinic for the appointment.

After the appointment:

    • Once the appointment has been completed, a staff member will call to inform you what was done at the appointment and to schedule the next visit.

What we are doing as a staff to protect our patients:

    • Decreasing patient volume to allow further physical distance between each patient.
    • Lengthening appointments to allow sufficient time to completely disinfect our chairs after each appointment.
    • Staff members will be screened each day for symptoms and signs of any illness. If a staff member has symptoms, they will be sent home for the protection of our patients and team.
    • Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn by each staff member for added protection for our staff and our patients. This may include a face shield, a specialized mask with an additional mask on top, disposable gowns.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the office.
    • Our brushing station will be closed until further notice to minimize the number of high-touch areas of our office.
    • If you use a pen in our office, it is yours to keep.
    • We have expanded our disinfection procedures in the lobby and reception area.
    • Magazines, coffee machines, iPads, video games have been removed from common areas.
    • Our staff will be disinfecting door handles in and around the office on a regular basis throughout the day.
    • Our staff will be changing between street clothes and scrubs when they arrive and when they depart the office.