Best Orthodontist in Richmond

So you are looking for an orthodontist and you don’t just anyone to be making that smile shine, you want the best orthodontist! We hear ya. Here are some considerations when evaluating orthodontic offices.
  • Comfort – Are you comfortable talking with the doctor? Do you like going to his or her office? What about the staff, do you like them? Once you commit to working with an orthodontist you will likely be spending a good bit of time at their office so you want to make sure you enjoy it!
  • Treatment Plan – Do you feel comfortable with what the doctor is suggesting? Did he or she give you different options to consider? All orthodontists are highly trained, but this doesn’t mean their approach to care is always the same. Just like a team who plays a sport, their goal is to win, but how they get there can vary team to team based on many factors.
  • Cost – How much do braces cost? That is a huge question that nearly everyone wants to know! This question doesn’t always have a simple answer and can vary based on a case and from office to office. This is why most orthodontists offer a free consultation to examine you or your child to see what the case looks like and can give you an estimate following this meeting.
There are many additional factors to consider, but these three are a few of the bigger ones. Because most orthodontists offer a complimentary consultation to go over treatment plans and costs, it isn’t a bad idea to consult with multiple orthodontists. If you visit two offices and their treatment plans and costs are similar, we recommend going with the one you feel most comfortable with. If you visit two offices and the treatment plans are on opposite ends of the spectrum, you might consider seeking a third opinion to see which two orthodontists line up.
We hope this helps you evaluate and really answer the question who is the best orthodontist for you?